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I really want to start a new topic for this.. but for now ill put it in here...

This is why Cheating in 3dMark or any other game used for Benchmarking are important.

PC magazine is at it again and awards Nvidia its "editors choice award" Saying things like this...
PC Magazine recognized NVIDIA for its graphics expertise by stating, "The HP's NVIDIA GeForce FX Go5600 graphics make it the better choice for mobile gaming: its 3DMark03 score was 81% ahead of the nearest competitor..."
Which we all know is just complete popy****. Not only is Nvidia CHEATING to improve their scores but actual review sites show that the ATi mobile 9600 creams the Go5600 in (i think) every single test and benchamark..

I mean look at these statements.. its Absurd.
"NVIDIA products are the critical differentiators for every standout product in this review round-up," said Jeff Fisher, executive vice president of worldwide sales at NVIDIA. "The way NVIDIA-based products excelled in this issue underscores the quality, importance, and relevance of cutting-edge graphics and high-performing digital media functionality for today's advanced computing environments."
Stuff like this should make every single person here who cares about the industry, Honesty and fair practice, Blood Boil.
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