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Originally posted by mrgoodcheese
Calm down there guy..........

OK, now, what I'm saying is, this whole soap opera of "As the World Turns Because of Cheaters" is just melodramatic goofiness.

NV makes it's hardware. NV makes drivers to run it's hardware. NV makes improved drivers to make it's hardware perform better. Owners of NV FX cards rejoice because their hardware performs better with games and other applications, because of the improved drivers. The opposition crys "cheater! cheater!" due to logical fear for justification of purchases. Suddenly, certain benchmarks supposedly have the power to filter a manufacturer's products, to the way they see fit *cough*$*cough*............

Anyway, my 5900 performs awsome in the games I play and the applications I run, and the 52.16 drivers from NV were a very nice surprise and very welcome. I don't play the benchmarks. And I base my decisions on actual user experiences.

^^ He has wisdom....
People cry "Cheater" Cheater" becuase they are CHEATING. This has nothing Whatsoever to do with an "inferiority" complex.

Logical fear or Justification of Purchase.. Yeah i am sure feeling that with my 9800XT..

The problem is Cheating and Dishonest Gain are STILL WRONG. Getting people to Buy your products under false Pretense is STILL WRONG. Yet here you are accusing 3Dmark03 of doing evil by making Nvidia play fair..

Sometimes I just cant believe what i read.

As i said before be thankfull that Game Developers are not releasing anti dection code for their games as well. We have already seen through unwinder what the result is when that happens.
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