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Default Re: Official Starcraft II Feedback Thread

The mods for this game are top class. Some really good ones out there.

I havent had a chance to ladder much either, atm trying to get the gold in the challenge modes...after which i will try to finish campaign on brutal.

Also the NA access to SEA users will open up soon, good news is we wont need two clients, similar to 1.0 we just have to pick the server we want to connect.

The ESL was showing some amazing games today

And as usual....the Terran with 1A was winning...even the commentators was going "The 1a syndrome"....

Was epic game, the Idra game was insane. he had to pull insane micro/macro and multiple unit combination micro to beat a terran who just went 1+a and almost won ....

You can see why most of the top Zerg pro gamers have/wanting to switch to Terran.....such an easy macro/micro race..
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