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Default Re: OTA Froyo plus Fixes update for Droid X Leaked!

Preliminary results..

Flash is def. there and working. Hulu says my device isn't supported which blows!

Stock home launcher/theme is 200% faster than it was on 2.1 It's actually quite usable now.

The launcher pro i had installed is now unusable. Completely laggy and i was getting a linpack score of 4 when it was installed. Haven't tried to reinstall yet.

No more unlock lag (also changed the look of the unlock screen)

Browser seems a good bit quicker.

Chrome to phone is amazing.

Linpack only went up from 8.1 to 14.3 so not nearly the difference we saw on the snapdragon phones.

I noticed this same thing on the droid 2 on linpack. Don't know if it's the way linpack benches that the new omaps dont bench correctly? Regardless the phone was already fast and is now even faster!

They also changed look of the swype keyboard a bit. I like the look better and it seems more accurate when doing tap typing.
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