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Default Re: plans for 3D vision under linux ???

Originally Posted by AaronP View Post
We have no plans to support 3D Vision on GeForce cards at this time.
Is there an updatae to the Geforce 3d visions support.

I have a 8200, 8300 and soon 9400 Geforce IGA MB's. Just about every accelerated graphic card for HD content is using these chipsets. Kudo's to Nvidia and a great job indeed.

Now my next step is 3D vision under linux, so I would like to know will 3d Blu-Ray or 3d sd work on the MB chipsets?

If not, can I install a video Nvidia card that supports SLI/Cuda and it would work? Mainly for DVD HD movies, not really gaming but if I were to use gaming, maybe a low end and high end graphic card solution recommendation.
And do I really need open GL for 1080P movie support? Will the drivers provided by the 256.xx.xx work fine with the 3d visioin solution. Just 3d confused using Ubuntu.

Thank you and once again great job.

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