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I guess what concerns the last time NV was caught cheating, it was seen by websites. It could be pointed out that they had cheated. I havent seen anything of this! I have just seen that Futuremark realeases a new patch, scores for NV drop, and you guys all scream 'CHEATERS!' I am NOT saying that NV is beyond cheating again. What I am saying, is until I see something in a GAME I dont like, I am not going to be concerned with what Futuremark does.

I have to say I like one thing that has come from all this. More review sites are NOT using 3dMark anymore. I want to know how the card performs in GAMES not 3dmark. I have come to the conclusion that I DONT like Futuremark at all!! They release a patch, and BOOM scores drop. WHY? They dont say.....its gonna take some to figure it out..if they can.

I have a Radeon 9500 Pro and a 5900 FX. So PLEASE dont call me a fanboy. I think ATi makes GREAT products....I had a tough time deciding between this and a 9800, but price is what got me. I cant blow $500 on a card, so this was a major factor. I like ATi, I like Nvidia, I DONT like Futuremark...
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