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Default Re: Lost Planet 2 Benchmark Results

Check out the DX9 performance 5850 beats the 460 by a good margin.

That's why I'm kind of crying foul on the DX11 performance on ATI cards. 460 is a great card and all but its tesselation performance isn't exactly that much superior to the 5850 in other benchmarks I've seen, such as unigine. Usually they were about the same. Though they are close as you can see in this test. But it just seems selecting DX11 as a renderer creates an artificial drop in framerate even when you don't pile on the DX11 features (the numbers in the graph above are with them on high so that's not what I'm talking about). I wonder if there is a similar drop in performance on nvidia cards with DX11 as renderer but all the features turned off.
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