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Default Re: Ceton InfiniTV4 Tuner

Just got FiOS installed today and have the cablecard up and running. It was VERY VERY VERY easy to do. The two hard parts were:

1. The card was a little to far to the side (most likely my mobo and case do not line up perfectly) and the cablecard would not slide in. Easy fix, remove the tuner and slide the card in. The label goes towards the CPU side of the mobo.
2. My mobo is OCUR ready, so it asked me for an OCUR key. I had already grabbed the one from TheGreenButton, so I was ready to put it it. Hard part was I could not copy and paste - it made me manually type it.

The install went smooth, Win7 detected the tuners and the cablecard. The lineup downloaded quickly and everything worked. Pretty simple.

The FiOS install tech was great. He did not know anything about cablecards though. But he did tell me that whenever he has one the homeowner always knows more about them than he does so he steps out of the guy's way and turns into a support tech for him. I was happy to hear it, since I did know far more about HTPCs than he did. He was eager to learn, so I did some impromptu training. Since I also work for Verizon (though in a completely different departement), I am listing that time as interdepartmental team building and training. It will look good on my review.

Sor far I love the card. I no longer have to worry about the HDHomeRun not getting a strong enough ClearQAM tuner to record. No longer have to worry about any of the myriad of little nagging issues when using multiple tuners of different technologies. I had an AverTV 780 analog and digital tuner and the HDHomeRun digital tuner.

I also vastly reduced the clutter behind the entertainment center. I removed several coax cables, several power cords, and an ethernet cable. Going to FiOS also allowed me to combine my cable modem and wireless router into only one FiOS box...which is actually quite small and nice looking.

So far I am quite happy with the move to the Ceton InfiniTV4. It also allows me to get all my HD channels directly into the PC in full HD goodness, rather than downgraded to analog via my cablebox. FiOS is also cheaper and faster than my old Comcast service.

It is also faster tuning for me than with my AverTV to IR repeater to Cablebox setup. It is about twice as fast...or as my wife says "oh, that is much better".
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