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Originally Posted by Maverick123w View Post
Streak didn't look so good in anand's review. If it had 2.2 I'd be a lot more interested in it. Launching with 1.6 is pathetic.
I know, but the way I read Anand's review was it was based solely on 1.6

All the benchmark numbers and a large number of other items will automatically change for the better once 2.2 is installed.

My point was that EVEN with 1.6 installed, the phone is pretty damn good. With 2.2, pinch to zoom and a lot of other items will be present by default

Launching with Android 1.6 was also a mistake. I suspect many of the performance problems to be solved by the 2.2 update later this year, but until then I view the Streak as untouchable.
That is Anand's verdict. I completely disagree

In my opinion (and again, just mine), I think it is a superior product to the Evo's and Droid X's of this world BECAUSE of the screen and overall form-factor. 1.6 is backwards, undoubtedly, and a bigger issue is the AT&T lock. Those are REAL reason to dislike the phone/tablet (phablet?) but there is something that just made me want to own one.
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