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Originally posted by Nutty
Why is it okay for JC to code a path for NV3X, but Benchmarks wont?
I can't believe you just said that...that has to be the stupidest thing I have ever read. A benchmark is supposed to be fair and apples to apples comparison or as close to one as is possible. What you are suggesting is an apples to oranges comparison where oranges are the preferred fruit. I hope I made this simple enough for you to see your error.

And about those compilers...I have no problem with them at all so long as they don't decrease image quality or do stuff that wasn't intended by the developer. If a developer asks for output A using X instructions the compiler should optimize X instructions but still output A. Anytime that output A is different because of a compiler should raise red flags.

Tests like the one here with 3DMark show that it sure as hell wasn't the compiler providing the optimization but hand picked "optimizations" instead. A compiler would not suddenly lose performance in a program because that program changes itself so it could no longer be detected by cheating drivers.

NVIDIA has definately lost me as a customer till at least the NV50...and that is provided they remove all their old cheats and can show they have a IQ and perfomance lead on ATI.
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