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Default Re: Who's idea was $100 phone bills?

I live about 60 miles from Minneapolis and never loose coverage.
My deer-stand is about 150 miles more north and i get full bars.
I know that some of the cheaper boost phones only work on Nextel network.
You have to get the ones that say on the front that it works on the Sprint network.
My deer-stand is miles from anywhere basically mid state and I can surf the web and get calls.
I don't notice a difference from at&t, but Minnesota might be different compared other states.
One thing I like is it's $60 a month plus sales tax, so basically $64.
now my old plan with at&t was say $59 plus tax and some other tax plus a 411 and a service charge and a tax, so it was never less than $80.
I have only had them for six months so far and its been a positive experience.
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