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Default Re: Official Starcraft II Feedback Thread

Actually knowing blizzard, if u use anything to modify the game in ANYWAY regardless of SP or MP, they will BAN your account.

They already provide cheatcodes that you can type, like moredotsmoredots and silly things like that, so no one should be using any maphack/trainer/etc even if its singleplayer.

I think BNET2.0 is pretty solid.

In time they will get those Chat lobbys' etc up and running, i think activision was defiantly pushing blizz to get a new game out.

The only disappointing thing about 2.0 is when it comes to lan tournaments/etc...the lag will cripple everything.

Like the ESL Idra vs Saren and MadFrog, both there games froze for lag and players had to wait upto 10 mins before they can resume the game...and MadFrogs second game had to be restarted....
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