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Default Re: Lost Planet 2 Benchmark Results

Yeah 5830 is more of an appropriate comparison, but my point was the 460 and 5850 are similar in tesselation performance since that's ATI's weak spot. Also nvidia's clear advantage here is in DX11 and it loses that advantage with DX9.

Your benchmark shows basically what I was saying. In DX11 codepath with DX11 features off the 5830 sees a significant decrease in framerate compared to DX9 while the 460 sees a significant increase in framerate. I think some optimizing with the catalyst drivers might end up fixing that as the DX11 renderer should be faster. There really shouldn't be this big of a hit.

For test A
5830- DX9: 58.9/DX11: 49.4; DX11 is significantly slower here
460- DX9: 55.9/DX11: 66.1; DX11 is significantly faster here

9.5 frames per second slower without adding any DX11 features. When you add on the features it's going to further drop it, having a nearly 10 fps slower framerate just due to using DX11 as the renderer is just going to make it even worse. With DX11 running slower for ATI and faster for NVIDIA this makes about a 20 fps gap in performance while nothing has been changed visually, just the renderer.
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