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Default Re: Official Starcraft II Feedback Thread

Glad to see that Idra and Dimaga are kicking ass.

Terran is SUCH bull**** right now. All he has to do is go Mech or MMM and if he is halfway competent it is GG. And I play at the platinum level so I'd say I'm a fairly competent zerg. Can't wait until Blizzard beats them with the nerfbat.

And I did try a maphack on an unranked custom game just to see what it did. Pretty much shows exactly what the other player is doing. And even worse it doesn't modify the game code in any way (it simply edits some of the values in memory while the game is running) so it would be very hard for blizzard to detect. But believe it or not I actually feel like I played worse with the hack. It isn't that hard to scout (sacrifice 1 zergling or overlord is really all you have to do as zerg to see what his army composition is), and a map hack isn't going to impove a player's micro or macro skills (which is what wins games if you are zerg).
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