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Default Re: Crysis 2 - New screenshots *DROOL*

PCGH direct hand impressions of 360 version and PC version (multiplayer).

Direct link.,76...on-Spiel/Test/

Google translate.

Bits I collected from article/preview and translated.

360 version does not look good (says ugly though I assuem they base it on a versus PC basis). Being 720p and 30fps. Mentions geometry being rendered in sub-HD (I would think they mean post-processing is very low-res like DOF etc creating aliasing for covered geometry). Version has no geometry edge smoothing thus jaggies are very obvious. Shadows look rough (low-res, low quality I would assume). "Muddy" textures and pre-computed physics animations garbled/clouded the image. Lighting, reflections and camo effect pleased them but was not enough to save the otherwise weak graphic presentation. Previously released multiplayer/promo/bullshots has pretty much nothing in common with 360 version.

PC version tested, map "Crash site", looks much better. No slowdowns and no spongy 30fps framerate. At end of gaming session they tried to examine games menu but it was disabled by Crytek. However console prompt worked. PC was running at 1920x1080, DirectX9 mode, 32bit mode with constant 60fps. Vsync was enabled. We could not get a hold of graphic settings value. PC version has MSAA which they guesstimate to 4xMSAA and estimation of 4xAF (anisotropic filtering) which they say was activated in Crysis at high settings (the 4xAF). So it might hint to being in high detail mode.

PC version also had better textures and pretty parallax mapping. Reflections, explosions, vegetation and shadows looked dramatically/drastically better than 360 version. PCGH thinks game was set to high detail setting on PC based on their observations and hopes for even more stunning 'very high' mode with DX11.

we are confident that Crysis 2 on the PC not only looks good but also is working correctly. In this sense, "Nomad still, you're with us?" - "Hell yeah!". - "Hell yeah!".
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