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Default Re: Ceton InfiniTV4 Tuner

Most of the limitations are caused by CableLabs, the group setup by the government to control cable cards.

Right now Microsoft is the only vendor who built in all the needed DRM that CableLabs demands, so they are the only one which can use cable cards.

MS did have a software extender in alpha or beta some time go, but then they realized it would simply be torrented and they would make no money off the time and resources it took to create it. They shelved it until someone else invents such a thing and they need it to compete. OK, the last sentence is my opinion, but I suspect it is correct.

The InfiniTV4 will work on any and all cable cards, provided they are M tuner cards and not S tuner...they must be multi and not single, so it will work with Comcast. The way to get the cable company to give you one is to tell them you have a multi tuner Tivo and need an M tuner cable card.

If you are not on FiOS, you have to see if the provider is using SDV (Switched Digital Video). This means they are not sending all the channels all the time, but only sending a channel if someone in the viewing area is actively watching that channel. This saves on a lot of bandwidth (which is why FiOS does not use it, they do not need to save bandwidth). If your provider uses SDV, then you need to get two tuning adapters from them and connect them to the InfiniTV4, otherwise you will only get the channels other people are actively watching...which would suck.
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