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Default Re: Official Starcraft II Feedback Thread

Dimaga got wiped out by Morrow to 5 Rax Reaper All in...

Funny thing about it...

Game 4, Dimaga actually held if off and was going on the offensive, but couldn't finish the game due to how well the wall in /tanks were, but he kept a good lead the entire game, untill the final fight where he messed up one attack..and then Terran came in with 1A syndrome and won the game. Even tho Terran made soo many mistakes that game...he was still able to recover...where as Zerg one mistake and ure wiped.

Game 5 was just stupid, more mass reapers, dimaga was so annoyed, and it was so frustrating to watch that game. Terran player messed up so many times that game, missed his supply deops so he was food capped early game with less reapers/bad wall in/etc and still....won

And the best part is after the game was over Morrow said "I open with reapers. I think they are overpowered"..."Dimaga is better player"...

Idra steamrolled that Tarson (T) player tho. He used mass mass MASS muta against him, even tho thor do splash dmg, there is a new 'magic box' trick that zerg can use when massing muta to avoid getting hit by splash dmg, and he used it SO WELL. It made the Terran player Tarson cry, and he was very sad at the end when he got wiped..then he started to whine....which is funny cause he was saying at the start of the game how idra is a cry baby....

Zerg just takes way more skill to play as a race compared to Terran. I was hoping to see Dimaga vs Idra for finals...I hope Idra can roflstomp that Morrow guy.
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