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Default Best driver for 120hz?

I cant find a complete driver... they all seem to have some issues with my monitor...

1st off, im on a minimalist Ubuntu 10.04, XFCE4 setup. 8800gt hooked up to a Samsung 2233rz (120hz) lcd.

The best solution i have working now are the 195 official current version from synaptic. I have tried 173, 185 and the latest 256.

195 is the one that has the best support for 120hz in general for me and it seems to properly handle 120hz under other resolutions than the displays native resolution. But i got some tiny scanlines going over my screen horizontally and the driver somehow disables my monitors contrast and brightness control, forcing it back to the panels factory preset.

Thats all good and i can work that way but it would be nice to have it working like it should if anyone is good enough to know theire way around these things. im very new to linux and not sure exactly what to expect, the way to have things working and its limitations. Usually, if this happened in windows i would just trash the driver and get one that is working properly, not tweak my way around it.

About the other versions of the drivers... they give me monitor control and the scanlines are gone, but they dont provide proper support for 120hz, resetting the monitor back to 60hz every time i boot or go out of a fullscreen game, and does not support 120hz in other resolutions than the panels native resolution. Like i have to force 120hz and its not really supported.

Should i just stick with 195 since its working ok or should i hunt down and tweak around my new system unawaringly in getting it to work properly or? I like doing this but i kinda dont wanna mess up things and do everything over again...

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