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Originally Posted by $n][pErMan View Post
I don't think I would overclock a phone... lol. Im just trying to do my research before I buy a new one. I know people who have been burned before by buying phones without looking online to see the pitfalls first. So far it looks like the 2 best are the "Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate" and the "Droid X". Can anyone comment on the touchscreens on these 2 phones? Obviously the Droid X is bigger, but how responsive is the touch screen on them? Also, how easly damagable are they? I currently have a Voyager Titanium and I am addicted to the keyboard... lol. I would like a touchscreen that would not take long to get used too as I can type super fast on what I have now.

I take it all the phones these days still allow me to play MP3's off my MicroSD card?
I can't comment on the fascinate a it isn't out yet, but the X is the best phone on verizon if you don't need a keyboard. If you want a keyboard get a droid 2. The galaxy s phones are very nice but I don't think they really outpace the X.

The touchscreen on the X is super responsive. My brother has the same phone a you and when he played with my X he couldn't stand to use it anymore. He said it was too slow and small
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