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Originally Posted by $n][pErMan View Post
I don't think I would overclock a phone... lol. Im just trying to do my research before I buy a new one. I know people who have been burned before by buying phones without looking online to see the pitfalls first. So far it looks like the 2 best are the "Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate" and the "Droid X". Can anyone comment on the touchscreens on these 2 phones? Obviously the Droid X is bigger, but how responsive is the touch screen on them? Also, how easly damagable are they? I currently have a Voyager Titanium and I am addicted to the keyboard... lol. I would like a touchscreen that would not take long to get used too as I can type super fast on what I have now.

I take it all the phones these days still allow me to play MP3's off my MicroSD card?
If you are going to be doing any kind of work on the phone, I will continue to recommend the streak. The new updates will provide a far superior keyboard to pretty much anything on the market

The touchscreen on most of the devices is pretty responsive, the only issue is with the OS. Right now, Apple's iOS on the iphone 4 is still the standard bearer when it comes to overall smoothness and responsiveness and overall fit and finish, but Android's headliners are catching up rapidly. Given the hardware, it does appear to be nothing more than an OS thing. For example, the Incredible at launch was almost as smooth as iOS4
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