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Default Re: Ceton InfiniTV4 Tuner

Originally Posted by Q View Post
I've been following this thing for over a year, but hesitated on the pre-order because I wanted to make sure the reviews on the final product were good.

It looks like they are.
Missing Remote had a great review of it. Part 1 is up, more to follow:

His wife posted a blurb in it, here is part her quote:

Ceton, thank you for the InfiniTV 4—my hats (or ears) off to you. Finally a product that works, and just in time for Shark Week! I have been waiting (and increasingly less patiently) for a product to come along that would facilitate TV time. I’ve been told “it is working; it is the consumer, not the product”. I beg to differ. And if it is, why is he spending our money on products I can’t use without breaking or having to “learn” how to use? Sometimes this would lead to me taking out my frustration on the remote control (yes honey, I am the reason it rattles).

Tuning into your favorite TV shows like The Big Bang Theory, Castle, True Blood and Dexter, should be effortless and simple, right? Wrong. In fact, it has been a very frustrating ordeal and has been for the past 6 months or so [Editor’s note: Approximately 6 months ago Comcast reduced the number of ClearQAM channels available in our area. We went from ~40 channels down to 6]. Here are a few examples: 1- I am a channel-hopper, I like to flip through channels. With our previous setup I could not do that. It was simply too slow—slow, slow, slow! Ok I may be exaggerating just a smidgen due to my lack of patience, especially during downtime. But when making a selection it would take several seconds to respond and then a few more to get a clear picture. 2- Constantly receiving a weak signal error. 3- The channels would lag regularly. It was almost impossible to watch a show in its entirety, from start to finish, without any interruptions of some sort. In a nutshell, I was very unhappy.

When my husband mentioned this new product that was going to solve all these issues I'll admit I was skeptical. In fact, I tuned out the entire conversation. I thought to myself, "Great, another tuner that is going to magically work!" But I love my husband and thought I would give him one more chance.

I am very pleased with the outcome. Immediately I noticed how much faster it works. I was thrilled. After experimenting for an hour, changing channels, recording, etc...I realized there was no lag time. No weak signals. I can watch a show and record several others at the same time, an option I did not have before [Editor’s note: Not exactly true, for the few ClearQAM and ATSC channels we could record up to 9 channels at once but having to explain that doesn’t bode well for stability and ease of use]. Everything is working perfectly, better than I had expected. I also noticed an improvement in the picture quality; the HD channels seemed more clear and crisp. Not sure if the Ceton InfiniTV4 tuner has any effect on the quality of the picture but I saw a great improvement.

If you are encountering the same issues, or similar, as I have in the past then I highly recommend investing in the Ceton InfiniTV 4 tuner. It is pleasing to know that there is finally a product out there that works and that I can use without any disruptions. My only question, why has it taken so long?

This is great news for my husband who will never again have to hear me cry out: "Why can't we just watch normal TV like normal people!"
I let my wife read that shortly before my tuner came. She said she relates completely. She has also frequently said "Why can't we just watch normal TV like normal people!" too.

So far, she is quite pleased with the tuner.
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