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Originally posted by Skuzzy
Calm down HB, yer gonna blow a gasket.

Times are changing and next year, about now, should be pretty interesting. Devs are not idiots,..well...most are not idiots. Quite a few devs are switching things around just to be able to properly code things and not spend painful days and nights wondering why things are not working like they should be.
Call for some support and you get told to use some proprietary path/feature in order to get around stuff.

Most people do not know they are not seeing everything that should be seen HB. No sense in you getting all wound up. They honestly believe what they are saying and will continue to do so, regardless of what you are I, or anyone says. I am not saying that to be mean or sarcastic.

Hmmm,..if you didn't know cars were made by other countries you might just believe that Cadillac is the best luxury car on the planet and would express that.
Woah there Hooomie...

Who said i am overly upset about it...

I was Simply trying to make a SOLID point. My days of being overly upset about anything like this are over.
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