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Post Support for Xorg without Xinerama extension ? (+ Meego on Nvidia card)

Hello AaronP and others Nvidia employee on,

I wanted to have a look at Meego but Nvidia hardware are classified as "non supported" on the Meego website. This is true as Xorg fails to launch when installing a stock Meego.

After having spend some time, I managed to get it work at last :

(Note : this shows that nvidia drivers are perfectly able to run with a rootless Xorg because Meego's one is started with just user privilege).
I had to re-enable Xinerama in stock Meego Xorg however, otherwise nvidia.ko complains about missing symbol.

Would it be possible to ship a version of nvidia driver that would work without support for Xinerama in X? I think most people use rather Twinview instead of Xinerama, and it is quite unobvious that Xinerama is a requirement for driver installation rather than a optional feature.
It would make installation of Nvidia drivers on netbook oriented distro easier.

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