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Default Re: Lost Planet 2 Benchmark Results

My system
CPU Core i7 Extreme 965 @ 3.6GHz
Mainboard ASUS Rampage II Gene
ASUS HD 5850
ASUS HD 5870 Matrix
Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit RTM
Driver NVIDIA 258.96 beta 64bit
Driver ATI Catalyst 10.7 WHQL 64bit

EDITED BY RAGEJG: Bakalu if you want to post bechmark results here, use thumbnails or a simpler way to post them, ESPECIALLY if you're just spamming your results across seemingly all tech forums. Posting results like this kills screen real estate and kinda ruins readability/ease of use of a thread. Again, if you feel the need to spam all tech forums with your results (which are appreciated) do it in a more considerate fashion. One or two scaled down screenshots is acceptable, but page upon page of full sizers is just too much. In the case of this post, the link to your original post will suffice, and I actually recommend that you stick to doing it that way as it's jut less obtrusive.

Source :

With the heavy Tessellation DX11 games (Ex: Lost Planet 2), GeForce GTX 460 has many advantages over Radeon HD 5800.
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