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Originally Posted by nekrosoft13 View Post
windows 7 license?, because she got tired of linux?

On serious note, Just like bearclaw and six I did tried linux on several occasions, longest I went on linux was for about a week. I got tired of trying to fix the OS, and getting programs/games to work, WINE was (and probably still is) useless. Re-formated and was done with it.

Scanner wouldn't work correctly, linux changed my 4800 x 4800 dpi scanner to max 200dpi, couldn't get it any higher.
EOS Utility would not work, couldn't get the Teethered Capture to work in either EOS Utility or Lightroom.
Photoshop was slower(barely worked), probably because of lack and or Problem with video acceleration.
Linux didn't know what to do with my High End Canopus HD Video Capture card
Office 2007 had issues under WINE, and Open Office is a joke.
- Yeah, got my first technet subscription, it's awesome.

As far as linux goes, I never hoped to game on it other than what I already knew worked. I'm keeping Ubuntu on my laptop, so far everything works perfectly, although I haven't tried WINE for any MS apps yet.

The low resource usage (around 178Mb ram with casual usage) makes my old XPS feel much more powerful than it actually is.

And the wobbly windows keep me entertained when I get bored.
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