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same over here, but mostly with OSX, so far I haven't had a single customer that uses Linux at home.

I still need to buid a hackintosh. I did install OSX on my X58/i7 machine, and swap HDD sometimes when I have to. But i would preffer to build a tiny Micro ATX hackintosh and use KVM switch, just to learn how to troubleshoot it better.
I run into quite a few Macs, which I'm not that good at, but mostly they ask questions about "Did I set my wireless router up right?"

The linux users are rare, but for the last few months I've been running into a couple a week, definite trend in the area. I'm no IT and they know it, but it keeps things cool when I can help with basic issues....I ran into a lady the other week (IT director) who loves linux and Mac, she also said it's a trend with her colleagues in the area and that it wouldn't hurt to be more than a little familiar with the basics.
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