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Originally Posted by grey_1 View Post
Yup - most of what I run into is just through general conversation after a job and it usually runs the "What distro you using/having trouble with X" etc, but several were talking about migrating to linux and start asking what I would recommend, thinking I know more than I do. I usually refer them to a consultant, but for personal reasons (possible work one day) I'd love to be able to go more in depth with them.

heh, I just found out not long ago that the company I work for is running Linux (One guy said it was RH, not sure though) in some areas - I never knew that and never would have guessed after talking to some of our IT personnel.
Once it gets proper traction in the enterprise and IT areas, then that's when people who never touch Linux might try it at home. Microsoft did the same with Windows, use it at work, why not at home sort of line.
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