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Default understanding /etc/X11/XF86Config(-4)

I have a few questions regarding the XF86Config file regarding file purpose, resolutions and accelarator modules.

First of all (this might be asked a lot), why 2 files? What is XF86Config-4 for vs XF86Config and can I delete XF86Config if I only use XFree 4? I know that the -4 file is read in first, then the other, but that is all I can discern.

Okay, so my default resolution is 1600x1200, and I know you press Crl - Alt - + or - to get smaller resolutions, but then my desktop is huge and I have to scroll around to see it all...I am assuming this has to do with modelines. RedHat seems to have tons of them in the XF86Config file and I am not sure which ones I actually need.

Finally, this all came about because with a Geforce3 and Athlon 850 chip I am only getting 234 fps on the ssystem -bench program and over at Tom's Hardware they had 285 fps for a geforce2 gts, so I figured maybe there was something I needed to do to optimize.

Any input would be most appreciated.
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