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Default Re: Geforce GTX 470 drops to €250

The only downside of the 470 is the heat really. And it can be dealt with to some extent if you use a custom fan profile. 460 may be a bit cheaper and run cooler but there is no doubt that it is a slower card. It is perfect if you are gaming at say 1680x1050 but if you game higher than that another one in SLI or a higher performance card is really the best option. To me the real loser is the 480 (I know 480 users will disagree). But I think it is just too high heat and power consumption to warrant the performance. Not to mention I think the price is too high. I think they could have lowered it a bit (considering the HD 5870 was already retailing higher than it was supposed to) to put some pressure on AMD and try to rain on their market share gain parade. But I guess nvidia ain't afraid.
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