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Default Re: Crysis 2 - New screenshots *DROOL*

more info hope this hasnt been posted


Crysis 2: Technological fireworks
On an XBOX 360 or a PS3, Crysis 2 runs at 1.280 x 720 (720p) without anti aliasing with 30 fps (vertically synchronised; wether double or triple buffering was enabled Sean couldn't tell us). The CryEngine-3-maxim corresponds with what John Carmack said about the id-tech-5-engine (rage): Due to the consoles the engineers had to massively optimize the engine. Deferred lighting for example demands lots of input performance but it allows displaying very many light sources plus dynamic shadows. One can also expect the CE3 to use multi-core-CPUs to full capacity. In short: At comparable graphics the game will run more smoothly than its predecessors based on the CE2. The presentation was done on a Core-i7-920 with 6 GiByte RAM and a Geforce GTX 260 with DirectX 9. As far as we've seen it, the demonstration ran smoothly - despite some toying around with the effects in the Sandbox 3.

So, Sean showed to us the implementation of many light sources in deferred lighting plus real time shadows, particles, the AI, the reengineered physics and some other cool features such as the scripting system. As already mentioned, the demonstration ran on DirectX 9. But the Cryengine 3 also packs DirectX 10 and 11and in a few months it will be delivered to the first licencees. The most important feature are the compute shaders who will accelerate computing deferred lighting and post effects. The engineers are still experimenting on tessellation but we expect it to be seen in Crysis 2.

Crysis 2: Up to 8 CPU-Cores can be used
When it comes to cinematic effects, the CE3 includes everything there is: ambient occlusion, depth of field, (object) motion blur, even the bokeh filter. In addition it is highly optimized for multi core systems: rendering, audio, AI, physics and so on are parallelised and accelerate the game - up to eight cores would be used. Sean assured us, that the Cryengine 3 would render nearly twice as many fps as the CE2 at comparable graphics quality.
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