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Default Re: Heads up for 2.6.36 and 256.44

Originally Posted by JackieBrown View Post
When was 2.6.36 released?
We are still at vanilla 2.6.36-rc2 and I'm running 2.6.36-rc2-git1 with driver 256.44, so 2.6.36 final is still some way off.
There are often API changes that effect NVidia drivers so it's good to note potential problems ahead of the final kernel release so that they can be fixed early or at least the developers are aware of what's coming in the next stable kernel.
So if you are using up to 2.6.35 there isn't a problem. I test and run vanilla kernels, NVidia Beta drivers and the latest VirtualBox to provide feedback to the developers. In my time I've found some humdingers, some where I was the only person to hit the problem. never had a data corruption or data loss.
Developers don't have all the hardware/software combinations, so testing and feedback stops the mass of users from suddenly hitting the buffer stop when the stable kernel hits the streets.

For backwards compatibility I had a problem building the module with which I may have a look at again later. I didn't look closely at the error with 256.35 or 256.44, I ran with the distro's module as I wanted to run some jack realtime audio tests with some SDR (Software Defined Radio) hardware and software.
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