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Default Re: Might be changing phones soon

Originally Posted by AlphaWolf_HK View Post
A new version of android is always right around the corner, hell I think its upwards of twice per year that there's a new major revision to android being released. Often if the phone is new enough the manufacturer will provide an upgrade. If not there's always AOSP; I just installed froyo (CyanogenMod6) on my brother's HTC Hero recently.
Hmm so you're saying that it would be better for him to buy an expensive phone now a month before a major revision of the android OS is released than to wait a month and get something even better for the same amount of money(especially now that gingerbread is going to allow for higher resolution screens)? If this was a month ago I would have agreed with you, but now that Gingerbread is just a month away I'd recommend waiting.

This can be said for *any* phone. The HTC Evo for example has an issue where the frame rate is capped at 30 and there is noticeable input latency on the touch sensors. Third party modifications have corrected these issues though.
No android phone currently on the market is worth buying unless you really need a new phone. They all have their share of problems and all of the HTC models are seriously underpowered due to their crappy gpus. The Galaxy S has an unusable GPS and suffers from some lag(appears to have been improved somewhat with the latest jm6 fw).

Gingerbread is also going to bring stricter hardware restrictions which should translate into better support for these phones from the devs.
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