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Originally Posted by fasedww View Post
Working really fast and all, I did alot of tweaks thats all over the internet. Do what you think you want as there are many.
There's not really a whole lot you need to do with these Sandforce drives. I disabled indexing, Readyboost, and hibernation. Defragmenting was automatically turned off. That's about it. While benchmarks show the Patriot Inferno has a lower random 4K IOPS than the OCZ Vertex 2 or Corsair F Series, that's not a situation most users are likely to encounter. Considering those figures are really only important for benchmarking, I don't think it's a problem. The drive is still insanely fast, comes with a great warranty (5 years vs. 3 on other SSDs), and is considerably cheaper than the OCZ or Corsair.
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