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Default Re: Might be changing phones soon

Originally Posted by Toss3 View Post
Hmm so you're saying that it would be better for him to buy an expensive phone now a month before a major revision of the android OS is released than to wait a month and get something even better for the same amount of money(especially now that gingerbread is going to allow for higher resolution screens)? If this was a month ago I would have agreed with you, but now that Gingerbread is just a month away I'd recommend waiting.
It's not a month away, rather a month is the minimum time til release, more realistically around 2-4 months away. And even then, you won't see it on any retail phones for yet more time to come.

Originally Posted by Toss3 View Post
They all have their share of problems and all of the HTC models are seriously underpowered due to their crappy gpus.
The HTC Evo uses a snapdragon processor. Its integrated GPU (AMD Z430) is pretty powerful for a mobile phone.

Originally Posted by nekrosoft13 View Post
i will wait, but not just because gingerbread. even if gingerbread gets released in october, by the time phones are announced and released by local carriers we will have spring 2011 probably.
And honeycomb (the version after gingerbread) is scheduled for 2011.
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