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Default Re: Direct rendering on both Intel GMAX4500 and Nvidia card ath the same time

Originally Posted by cmarty View Post
I have problem to get working configuration with integrated intel GMA X4500 and
with Nvidia 9800GT with direct rendering on both cards at the same time. I have planed to have 3 monitors where
two of them will be connected to nvidia card in twinview and the third monitor will
be connected to integrated intel graphics card. Xorg is configured to use two separate
xscreens one for nvidia-twinview and the second one for intel. But I cannot get working
direct rendering on both screens.

When there isn't installed nvidia driver the intel card with monitor works with direct rendering well. But when I install also nvidia driver I got success output from glxinfo only for nvidia screen and for intel I got Error: couldn't find RGB GLX visual of fbconfig.
After removing nvidia-driver then the intel driver works ok.

Does anybody know if this configuration is possible to get working ?

Where is your bug report? (see stickies)

Please also provide information about your system, otherwise it is impossible to give you relevant directions/information/tips/etc blabla.
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