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This is a problem that isn't easily worked around, and the warning is there for good reason. If you must use the nvnet driver the only 100% reliable way around it probably to use Slackware 8.1 instead as it is based on GCC 2.9.

There is a way to trick modprobe into loading the driver by using objcopy to strip the gcc tokens out of nvnetlib.o before linking, which is what NVIDIA do in the latest version of the driver (261) but this caused repeatable hangs on my Slackware 9.1 system, while Slackware 8.1 was rock solid.

Using one of the older versions of the nvnet driver from the archive section on NVIDIA's website and stripping the GCC tokens by hand seemed to work pretty well for a while, but I am not sure which version I was using as I have since reformatted the box and it now runs FreeBSD instead.

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