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Default Re: Gtx 480 as primary sound card FTW.

Originally Posted by pkirby11 View Post
Hell yeah this is FTW! I've been doing HDMI on my reciever with my GTX460 since I found out that my optical SPDIF couldn't do surround sound for Starcraft 2. Now that game and every other game I play sounds awesome, and your right there isn't much info out but its bit perfect sound and it's amazing. I won't go back thats for sure.
If you are listening like this ditch all your mp3's and reconvert you cd's to FLAC ! Mp3's sound like arse when you send them out pure like this into a good receiver with good speakers. I could not believe it myself how much detail was lost from mp3 compression. I do listen pretty deeply when I do listen so most may not notice. The big deal for me was that it seemed a song in regular stereo had such a good sound field. The vocal sounded like it was coming from the center speaker but the center wasnt on. That is good stereo imaging folks. The x-fi could not do this. The 480 can over hdmi with no eq or effects. JUst pure signal to the receiver. You can adjust stuff there but I dont.. Just make sure you use foobar with the wasapi plugin. It is the only way to bypass windows mixer and communicate directly with your avr. Well and ASIO but that is better for xp.

Really this makes the receiver your sound card. Love it !
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