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Default Re: Final Fantasy XIV Benchmark

Originally Posted by JasonPC View Post
This benchmark is so confusing. My score is not very good but yet I can't seem to find what is limiting me. I was thinking maybe my processor since it's not clocked very high. But while the benchmark was running the CPU load was not high, mostly between 40-50% and pretty even on all 4 cores. And the GPU was usually between 50-60% usage, also not very high.

Disabled my secondary display and the score improved dramatically, go figure. I guess because it was running in windowed mode it didn't like that very much. Still doesn't seem to stress components out that much. Also seems to be highly CPU dependant. High and low resolution seem to make a smaller difference for me than you all but that's because my CPU is not overclocked.
My rig did quite poorly HI - 4367, yet the benchmark rarely was over 50% on any core, ram hovered around 34% used.
Phenom 965 BE 3.4
DDR3 1333mhz 8gig
Ati HD 5870

Maybe the load time is playing into it, I somewhat remember my number being higher than most in the screen shots in the thread.
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