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Default how to install current nvidia drivers on ubuntu 64-bit 10.04

The main reason I need to install a new nvidia video driver is to get all the xlib, GL and GLX include files and [shared] library files installed on the computer... with the appropriate names in the appropriate directories so the OpenGL application I am developing can include .h files and link to the necessary [shared] library files.

No matter which way I install the nvidia drivers via the kind folks who package these things up, the driver seems to install, but the include files and [shared] library files are:
- not installed, and/or
- not installed in the appropriate directories, and/or
- not assigned appropriate filenames (by the creation of symbolic links, presumably)

Therefore, I either need to have an complete/exhaustive description of how to get these packages to "finish the job"... or complete/exhaustive description of how to find and install all the include/library files and create all the symlinks myself... or just freaking install the damn driver that nvidia provides (and hope/assume the nvidia installer creates the files, puts them where they belong, and creates the appropriate symlinks).

Do I understand everything I say above correctly?

After all the kind tips I've gotten that suggest I adopt these 3rd party packages, I wonder whether the nvidia installer might be easier to get fully working in my situation - which requires more than just getting the driver to work (which those 3rd party packages do).

Am I right? If so, I am stuck at the point where the nvidia installer documentation (a set of HTML files) says I need (or may need) to install these packages so the installer can do everything it needs to: kernel-source, kernel-headers, kernel-devel.

Now, I searched for these names in the "Ubuntu Software Center" application, but the matches appear to be totally wrong. So what's the deal? Am I supposed to know which of several other package installers to run (that understand those names)? apt-get? synaptic? yum? other?

So my questions are:
#1: How do I find out whether these packages are already installed?
#2: With which application should I attempt to download and install these packages?
#3: Do I need to add something to my "/etc/apt/sources.list" file (or some other equivalent)?
#4: Is there anywhere described what symlinks of what names in which directories need to be created?
#5: Is #4 even necessary if I install the driver via the nvidia installer (I'm guessing it does this work)?
#6: Why on earth do these 3rd party packages (which are very convenient) not "do the whole job"?

PS: The currently installed driver is 195.36.24 which is probably recent enough (for now) if I could somehow get all the include and [shared] library files installed - and all required symlinks created.
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