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Post APEX PhysX in Mafia II: Clothing

Mafia II is available for a few days already, time for some usuall comparison videos. This particular one is focused on how APEX Clothing module is used the enhance game experience (valid only for PC version).

(Part II, dedicated to APEX Particles overview, will be released shortly)

In general, APEX Clothing content includes:
  • Much more detailed, fully simulated clothing for main character ' Vito Scaletta.
  • Dynamic clothing for additional characters (Joe, Derek, Steve, etc) and some NPCs, instead of skinned mesh with APEX set to 'Off'.
  • Several supplementary effects, like cloth reaction to the wind and shockwaves from explosions.
Resources are still used not optimally ' hardly visible, but very demanding clothing simulation on NPCs can bring your system to knees.

Fortunately, PhysX tweaks discovered for Mafia II demo are working nicely in final version too.

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