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Cool Re: Gtx 480 as primary sound card FTW.

Thats the audio setup on my computer. I have a GTX460, it's very nice and you can spout out technical stuff all you want, I know the technical stuff, I also have first hand experience setting it up.

Oh by the way, 5.1 surround sound FFXIV benchmark is only 2-channel using my onboard S/PDIF connection but going through the HDMI on the GTX460 it's full 5.1 channel. It has something to do with the fact that unless the program takes control of the audio in Windows 7 it will allow Windows to control it. But by allowing the signal to pass through as bit-stream through Linear PCM I get the full 5.1 surround sound affect. Now if the game only supports 2-channels then I only get two channels though.

Lets just put it this way, if you got a HDMI reciever and a GTX460 you'd be dumb not to use it. It's 10x better than onboard audio, hell it's better than most stand alone sound cards.
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