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Default Re: Gtx 480 as primary sound card FTW.

Originally Posted by jeffmd View Post
But who is doing the rendering of the sound? Is the X-Fi rendering the sound and then passing it to the hdmi output?

What I am trying to get at here is that 3d sound in games is complex. The X-fi is more then just an upgrade for your on boards DAC, it actually has a dsp to offload the 3d sound modeling from the cpu. This can be a pretty heafty process in todays games. If you are simply telling windows to use your video card as a sound source then I fear all the sound modeling is being done on the cpu thus cutting into your performance.

No the sound card you used to use is no longer a factor, the video card is processing the sound. Why does anyone think that the motherboards onboard audio is still a factor or that your stand alone audio like an X-Fi card is still processing it?

And no I don't notice any performance loss using it setup this way.
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