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Default Re: Palit GTX 460 2 GB

Originally Posted by AngelGraves13 View Post
Well I might be getting a GTX 480 after all.

CS 5's Mercury Engine is set to support the GTX 480 only, and I'm gonna need to do video editing.

Are you sure about that? I thought it only worked on Quadro (workstation) class GPUs. On the consumer GTX4xx double precision runs at half the rate of the Quadros which for Fermi class hardware is half single precision. On the Quadro and Tesla cards DP runs at half the speed of SP. However on GF100 based Geforce the drivers repeat the double precision instructions giving you half of the performance of the Quadros (1/4 of SP speeds).

The Mercury engine is artificially limited to Quadros. I'm pretty sure it doesn't work on Geforce cards of any generation.

"Accelerated rendering
The Mercury Playback Engine doesn't just deliver blazing performance and a fluid editing experience. By more optimally using your entire system performance, it also accelerates rendering and encoding, reducing the time required to deliver content to your clients. The only thing we can’t help you decide is what to do with all of the free time you'll now have.

Mercury brings performance gains on all of the GPUs supported today in CS5. If you're upgrading your system today and want to get the most out of your configuration, the following graphics cards offer significant additional acceleration by the Mercury Playback Engine:

Quadro FX 3800 (Windows)
Quadro FX 4800 (Windows and Mac OS)
Quadro FX 5800 (Windows)
Quadro CX
Adobe is planning to support additional cards in the future, including some of the new NVIDIA solutions based on the upcoming Fermi parallel computing architecture."
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