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Default Resolution/Driver help

CentOS 5.5

Just got new "Gigabyte" motherboard installed and the best I can get is 800 x 600 resolution which I cannot handle. Frye's told me I need to update the driver - I told them I was going to use the computer for Linux so hopefully they considered that when they suggested that motherboard. The video card is part of the motherboard and not a separate card like I am used to.

According to Gigabyte website I have to refer to the chipset manufacturer for a driver. It says I have a

NVIDIAŽ GeForce 7025 / nForce 630a chipset

My computer says my video card is nVidia Unknown device 03D6

I downloaded

But maybe I need instead

Should I run one of them? If so which and what directory does it go in? I thought the kernel already had needed drivers in it.

I have 1024 x 768 on an old old Celeron with the same distro as this one and using the same monitor and I am sure it came with a bargain basement video card.

Am I stuck with this nasty resolution?

Thank you for any help. I am in way over my head on all this.

Addon problem that I guess has to do with this video card. Now I keep getting

"Message from syslogd@ at Sat Aug 28 22:33:02 2010 ...
localhost kernel: Disabling IRQ #169"

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