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Default Child proofing a laptop

So I'm about to give my 11 year old stepson his fist computer. Its my wife's old HP laptop. I've reinstalled XP and got it up to date with SP3 and other updates. The hardware is:

Athlon Turion 64 X2 800MHz
GeForce 6150 Go
Fujitsu MHV 2120BP PL 111GB

Anyway, its on the wireless network at home, shouldn't be actually going anywhere (battery is pretty much dead).

I got Microsoft Security Essentials setup so I think I am good on AVS (tell me if I am not). I also plan to have Search and Destroy installed and ready for backup.

I could use some input on how to streamline XP again, cutting out non essential services and basicly maximizing what little hardware I have.

I also need suggestions on some online monitoring. Stuff like Net Nanny or whatever.

Anything you all can suggest to try and keep the machine and him safe would be most welcome

Thx guys
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