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Default VDPAU hangs/freezes even with 256.52

I was waiting for this new release to fix my VDPAU issues with my GTX460, but still no go with the new pre-release drivers. So I think it is time to post here.

Sometimes when I start playing a video with (-vo vdpau) mplayer, the system stops responding (even mouse can't be moved) for some seconds (~7secs).

A full proof way to trigger the bug is if I press "f" (toggle full screen) many times doing playback, or by rapidly resizing the video window, the temporary hang always happens then.

It also happens with VLC vaapi-vdpau, not only with mplayer.

Everything else (opengl, 3d compiz etc) works fine, with zero problems.I only get hangs when vdpau is used.

I tried VDPAU_TRACE but it doesn't show any errors.

I am using Gentoo stable amd64 with xorg 1.7.7.

Any ideas?
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