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Arrow Nvidia 3DM03 talks "NOT FLAMES"

Well, I'm really hoping these thread does not turn into a flame war.

I am not even going to put the benchmark in my profile anymore. What a mess.

I'm now only using Aquamark 3.
When futuremark and Nvidia get all there do and don't stuff worked out I might use it again.

We all know nvidia has to optimize there drivers to get good performance.
We have known this sense the NV30 come out.

What I do not understand is why FM and NV have not sit down and talked about what they can and cannot do to get better performance in the benchmark.

So has anyone come up with why we lost 800 points?

But I guess when it comes down to it I really don;t care as long as my IQ is top notch and my games run smooth.

The main game I play is UT2003. It runs sweet as sugar on my 5900u.
It's smoother than my 9800Pro was and the IQ is just wonderful.
I only hope UT2004 runs as good.

Let's please not get this thread closed to. It's nice to talk about these things but some had rather just call u names.
Mods please just delete those post and save my thread if u can.
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