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Default Re: Child proofing a laptop

I like crainger's idea. The K9 software is so EASY to setup and does not bog down your PC. I know, have it on my Gaming PC where latency and speed is a big deal and that was a huge concern. It is Free and the company seems to make their money creating a hardware solution for businesses, so it is sponsored and updated regularly on their end. You have to do it on a per PC bases and must request a registration for each PC which they will send you quickly via email. If you have a VM or re-image a PC, then you will need a new code. I have requested several codes to the same email. No big deal.

If you need to white list a site, put in the password and you can have access to it for a few minutes or permanently. There is a password protected log that tracks everything. It can be clear up to a point, but without uninstalling it, the important entries are kept. Unlike SafeEyes (also a good product, $30 -$50 a year), you can not administer it from a distance, but your son's laptop is easily accessible to you, so that is no big deal.

I admit I have not tried OpenDNS (also free), but I do plan on looking at it to give my house a one stop solution. I have heard there is a way around the DNS route unless you dedicate a PC for the job, or have a commercial router, but I could be wrong. I do need to do more research on it.
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