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Default Re: Child proofing a laptop

Originally Posted by crainger View Post
I've used K9 before.

It's light, free and pretty tricky to get past. Has caught everything I could test it with. Will even block IM and Facebook/Myspace if you want.
yeah, great software, i installed that thing on so many machines, so many dissapointed kids, haha.

Its password protected, if you make a strong password you can't uninstall it, and if you mess around with registry and try to kill it manually the internet connection gets totally cut off.

The point to this is... your kid hopefully can't hack your router... you provide protection to all of your home machines, and you aren't bogginh down your machines with garbage-ware.

Of course this solution won't cover your child taking the laptop to another network.... but you could also put the agent on the laptop and force OpenDNS in the Network settings of the Laptop. Just make sure he doesn't have admin rights to the laptop.
k9 does not bog down anything, and the router ideal while it will work in the house, it will not protect on outside network. and router can be reset with one little press of the reset button on the back.

k9 can send you daily or weekly reports what the kid is trying to access.
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