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Default Can't overclock anymore, please help!

Before I begin, here is my set up. . . . . .

Intel Q6600 @ 2.40 GHz
4.00 GB DDR2-800 G Skill RAM
Radeon 5850
600W PSU
Asus P5NE 680i SLI motherboard

My current problem is that when I overclocked my processor from 2.40 GHz (1066MHz/9.0 multiplier) to 2.70GHz (1200MHz/9.0 multiplier), it booted just fine. I ran my 3dmark Vantage benchmark and I saw a dramatic increase in performance with my score. I then booted up Bad Company 2, and not even 2 minutes in I got a hardware failure BSoD. I cant remember exactly the error message or what it said, so I restarted and I set my motherboard to stock speeds. It boots fine, I restart and I put the clock speeds back to 2.70GHz (1200/9.0) multiplier, I save my settings but when I get to windows, it keeps showing that my processor is at 2.40GHz and not 2.70, it wont save my overclock. I tried lower speeds and no matter what I set it to, it keeps coming back to 2.40, it just simply wont save my settings. I cant figure out whats wrong. Please help!
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